More First Anniversary Goodness! (KQ subscription discounts!)

Last Thursday was the first anniversary of Game Knight Reviews and many different parties in the RPG community – individuals, publishers, and stores – were kind enough to offer all sorts of great prizes to give away. (There are still a few left if you hurry!)

Now, the kind folks at Kobold Quarterly (thanks Wolfgang & Shelly Baur!) have thrown
something very cool in the prize box. For those who don’t know Wolfgang, he’s the “Kobold-in-Chief” for Open Design LLC and the editor-in-chief for the Kobold Quarterly magazine. He’s also a very approachable, all around nice guy. (So is Shelley, who helps with KQ subscriptions!) So, when I asked about some sweet discounts for our members, he was more than amenable. (Glory be to the Kobolds!)

Until the end of September, you can now save 50% off your PDF subscription to Kobold Quarterly, or get a free 100-page adventure from Open Design with a new print+PDF subscription! (Please, new subscriptions only.)

Award-winning Kobold Quarterly gives you great 4E D&D, Pathfinder, AGE, and system-neutral options, adventures, maps, and monsters—and now you can pick up a PDF subscription for half the cover price, just $12 per year. Or if you love having the issue show up at your door, subscribe to the printed edition and get that bonus pdf adventure.

Just include code “HalfCover” in the discounts field during checkout to take advantage of the PDF subscription at half price. (Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome products at the KQ store while you’re there!)

Print subscribers, your PDF adventure is free with your order. Choose either Courts of the Shadow Fey (4e) by Wolfgang Baur OR Tales of the Old Margreve (Pathfinder) by Tim & Eileen Connors. Just write your choice in the NOTES section of the order form when you subscribe to the print+PDF subscription.

This offer ends September 30th!

Your subscription starts with the current 100-page Summer issue. So, get on over there and subscribe today!

A huge thank you goes out to Wolfgang & Shelly and the rest of the Kobolds at Kobold Quarterly for offering this discount!

(Don’t forget to check out the other great discounts and giveaways for the first GKR anniversary before they’re all gone!)

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