Happy 4th of July 2011!

For everyone in the United States, I wish you all a happy and safe Fourth of July celebration! (And I just wish everybody outside the United States a safe and happy day as well!)

A good friend of mine refers to July 4th as “National Explosives Day” and usually travels to a different state with more lenient laws on launching fireworks. Hopefully he can light all the small explosives he’d like today and keep safe while doing it!

I tried coming up with a gaming-related topic for today, but couldn’t come up with a good one. So I’ll point you at an article from last week that involved a group of goblins recovering a pile of fireworks for their chief

Here are a couple of questions to answer in the comments :

  • If you’re a GM, I wonder if you can come up with an example of how you’ve used fireworks in your game (past or present) or how you might explore using them in future games…
  • If you’re a player, have you ever had the opportunity to shoot off fireworks as a PC? What were the particulars?

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled articles starting tomorrow – but please enjoy the day if you have it off to celebrate National Explosives Day safely and happily!


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