Book Preview and Funding Plea: Caladon Falls from Savage Mojo

I don’t often do two posts on the same day, but I think this warrants your attention if you like fantasy roleplaying games…

When I heard about Savage Mojo’s attempt to publish a print version of Caladon Falls, I was intrigued for a couple of reasons. First, I’d not heard of either Savage Mojo or their Caladon Falls book for Savage Worlds before, and I love learning about publishers and their products for fantasy RPGs. And second, I’d never heard of IndieGoGo, which is a Kickstarter-like way to fund the print run. I’ve funded a few Kickstarter projects in the last year or two, so I wanted to learn more about this method of fundraising vs. how Kickstarter does it.

So they “had me at hello,” to quote an over-quoted movie.

Once I had the PDF in my hot little hands (ok, not literally – but it was on my iPad, so that kind of counts!), I knew two two things:

  • I wanted to help fund the project. (I’ve gone ahead and done that.)
  • I want to post a full review of the PDF (and look forward to seeing a print version if/when they get enough funding to do so).

If you are interested in helping fund the project, head to the Caladon Falls page on IndieGoGo and toss some funds in the bucket. There are only four days left before the funding window closes and they’re only about halfway to their goal – they can use our help to get to the next phase!

But for now, I wanted to put a few of my initial impressions of the PDF down so you knew what you’d be getting if you contributed to the cause… (The full review will come another day in a different post as time allows.)

The cover, the layout, and all the interior art is just stunning artwork-wise. Aaron Acevedo, Alec Acevedo, Jennie Kohl Austin, James Denton, Jason Engle, Alida Saxon, and Gorislav Solovov did an amazing job. It has to be one of the most beautifully designed books I’ve seen next to some of the books from Open Design. So if you’re an art junkie, the book has some serious cred in this area.

Next, there’s the story. I haven’t read through the whole book, but this little tidbit tickled my imagination immediately… On page 3, in “Burning the Dead,” I learned plenty about the War of the Wild raging in the realm of Relic. The thought of an evil army of warlocks killing so many on the battlefield and then using the fallen to attack their living comrades is just disturbing enough to get my attention, but the writers do this more justice than I can:

And now we can’t even bury our dead… Not if we want to spare them the unspeakable violations of the Wild army and their twisted Warlocks. Not if we want to spare ourselves the horror of facing our fallen as foes on the battlefield– warped and desecrated puppets, reanimated and reshaped, but recognizable as those we lost. Hurled at us as weapons. Weapons to pierce our hearts and break our spirits as much as our bodies…

It’s that kind of graphic, emotional imagery that really drives a setting home for me. And all the writers on the project should be proud – Vickey A Beaver, Steve Dean, Curtis and Sarah Lyon, Aaron Acevedo, Phil Brucato, Dan McGirt, Kevin Ranson, John Wick, and everyone else involved.

Honestly I haven’t dived much deeper than that. The art and story elements alone have me captivated. So I’m sure I’ll be lost in the pages of this book once I get back to it. But Savage Mojo deserves a chance to see this work in print. Can you help?

For more about Savage Mojo, check out their homepage.

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4 comments to Book Preview and Funding Plea: Caladon Falls from Savage Mojo

  • Fitz,

    I am absolutely delighted that we’ve made such a wonderful impression. That is what we were striving for! We appreciate every single person who sponsors our project and spreads the word. Each of us on the project did our very best and put in a lot of time and energy. This was a labor of love and passion.

    The contributions everybody makes toward our fundraiser make the difference between us printing it in a small batch to fill the fundraiser orders and to sell at a couple of conventions and us having a full, limited-edition, 750-book print run to be available in game stores, Amazon, and other places where people buy RPGs in print.

    For me, it’s my first RPG that has been published. I’ve had family asking for over a year when they can get the book. The PDF wasn’t enough. They wanted the version they can thumb through and show off to their friends. Speaking for only myself, Caladon Falls was very personal.

    Thanks again, Fitz! And thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to read this message and look at our campaign.


    • Fitz

      @Vickey – You are quite welcome. I’m always happy to find people in the game industry with the passion to do a project right. So congrats on a great result. Now we’ll just hope that other folks get bitten by the Caladon Falls bug and contribute to getting it printed!

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