News from Around the Net: 06-MAY-2011

Once again the world has spun enough times to allow us to reach the end of the week. That’s right… It’s Friday!

Here are the interesting links I’ve found during the week…

  • The Newbie DM’s “DM Binder Project” is still underway and commenters have been chiming in with their own notebook stories. I myself have used an old three-ring binder with hole-punched printouts and grid paper with hen-scratches I can’t even decipher these days! Check out the DM Binder Project for recent updates.
  • Stuffer Shack has awarded their RPG Site of the Year Award to… Critical Hits! Considering how often articles from Critical Hits make it into my Friday link lists, I can’t say I’m very surprised. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Stargazer plays fanboy over the upcoming release of Robin D. Law’s new GUMSHOE-based game – Ashen Stars – over at Stargazer’s World. The details are quite cool. For about $45 USD you get a 300+ page hardbound book, a PDF copy, and your name in the credits! Check out Stargazer’s article and the details over at the Pelgrane Press web store.
  • Also over at Stargazer’s World is a great review from Sunglar of the latest Advanced Feats book from Sigfried Trent and Open Design – The Inquisitor’s Edge. Sunglar and I agree on a few points if you look at my review of the same book.
  • Scott Taylor over at Black Gate has put together another great article about the Fighter class in RPGs in Art of the Genre: The Fighter. Not only does he include some great artwork, but there’s some great overview of how the Fighter has developed over the years.
  • Meanwhile over at Reality Refracted, A.L. takes a hard look at what Jason Richards has been doing with his Complete Characters series. There’s some serious admiration here, and A.L. offers a description of how each of the CC books is put together.
  • At the Roles, Rules, and Rolls blog, Roger creates a cool tool for neatly managing a series of wilderness encounters. Not only is it colorful, but it’s effective, managing to fit a ton of information on a single page.
  • I love it when people in the RPG industry talk about free games. Stargazer’s been doing it and Tyson J. Hayes at Apathy Games wonders – “Why aren’t more RPGs released for free?”. The interesting part comes when he talks about paying for a game causes it to value it more. What do you think?
  • The Kobolds are at it again in “Lackeys, Hirelings, and Henchmen” by Tom Allman. There are differences between the three categories of help? Who knew? These lists of what each type does and the cost of certain jobs is definitely a useful thing to keep available as a GM!

What did I miss? Do you have a link I should include? Drop me a line at the GKR Contact page and let me know!

Have a great weekend!!

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