Product Review: Dragon Chow Dice Bags

Though I usually review gaming books, I decided it was time to upgrade my dice bag (I’ve been using a gallon-size Ziploc bag for years). I saw a review over at Stargazer’s World for Dragon Chow Dice Bags and knew I could not only upgrade my gear,
but get something unique and cool.

I ordered two bags (a Teeny Tiny and a Standard) at the end of February and received them a week later. Those darn Canadian mail fairies are extremely efficient! (You can see bags I received in the picture to the right.) I love that each bag comes with a d20. The Teeny bag comes with the smallest d20 I’ve ever seen in my life!

The Teeny Tiny bag is the DNA Molecule and Bright Blue pattern. And the Standard bag is the Steampunk and Solid Black pattern. For handmade items, they seem extremely well made and should hold together nicely for more than a couple of years. I was shocked at how inexpensive they were as well. The tiny one was $6.00 USD and the standard one was $12.00 USD. Very inexpensive, yet unique and cool.

Lyndsay, the online shop’s owner (see Dragon Chow Dice Bags), offers many great patterns and sizes as well as dice sets. Really it’s the best of all worlds. Hungry bags for dice and dice to fill them in case you don’t have enough… Personally I think I have plenty of dice that go all the way back to the Red and Blue D&D Basic and Advanced sets way back when!

Are you looking for a gift for the gamer in your life? Check out Dragon Chow. Lyndsay will take care of you.

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