News from Around the Net – 18-FEB-2011

Once again, it’s time for more links. And it was a busy week around the ‘net!

  • Over at Initiative Or What? they’ve come up with the beginnings of a RPG acronyms list. Been a while since I’ve seen one and have to admit I didn’t know many of them! Check it out here
  • Cheapass Games is back!
  • Chris at 6d6 Fireball has summed up his pricing experiment in three parts… part 1, part 2, and part 3
  • Open Design and the Kobolds have released Soldiers of Fortune for 4e D&D!
  • Joe the Lawyer at his Wondrous Imaginings explains why Troll Lords are more than a bit off in pricing the PDF for the Castle Keeper’s Guide
  • Robert Schwalb talks about the importance of formatting in RPG manuscripts…
  • Seamus at RPG Musings offers a refresher course in roleplaying… and it should be required reading once a year for GMs and players!
  • Lastly, as a fan of Warrior, Rogue and Mage from Stargazer Games, there’s great news about a Sci-fi game using the same basic system here… Yippee!

Thanks for reading!

Question: Do you have any good links I should include in next week’s collection? Send ’em along here or write on the GKR Facebook page!

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