Have the Kobolds Gone Mad? Giving away KQ11!

That’s right. I said it. I have to wonder if the Kobolds have begun losing their minds… Either that or there was a night of heavy grog drinking. (Or was it that the Kobold named “Heavy Grog” was drinking? We’ll never know for sure…)

Why you ask? Because they’re giving away an issue of Kobold Quarterly! Kobold Quarterly Issue 11 to be exact.

From now through February 9, the Kobolds have a weakness for the coupon code KQ11Gift at the KQ Store. Enter the code and grab a PDF copy of your very own.

And why would you want to grab a copy? Well why not?! It covers vampires and dwarves (no vampire dwarves though), advice from some of the best DMs, theories from Monte Cook, 4E goodies for Minotaur, Kobold, Hobgoblin and Bugbear PCs… and MORE!

I’m guessing that the Kobolds will eventually come to their senses (or sober up) by February 9th, so get your copy now and make sure to let your friends know they too can get in on the act!

So go now to the KQ Store, find Issue #11, enter the magical coupon code, and get it while the getting is good!

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