Choose Your Own Price… for the Mince Pies & Murder PDF from 6D6

In this age of small press, many small publishers are wondering how to handle the commercial aspects of their products. Do you charge a lot and hope to sell a few? Do you charge a little and hope that volume is on your side? It’s a big test of market dynamics in roleplaying games.

So I have to commend Chris over at 6d6 Fireball trying an experiment. What would you pay for a new book?

Chris says it best on his blog entry here.

Whatever you want to pay.

That’s right, you get to choose how much to pay for the Mince Pies & Murder PDF going on sale next week.

There will be minimum payment of 1 GBP to cover the credit card charges. If you want to pay less than that, just wait a month until it is available for free.

The book itself is an adventure of 58 A5 pages, which includes the 6d6 Ultralite rules, plus 12 more pages of character decks. So you’re getting quite a bit out of it.

I have to admit I’m curious myself to see how the experiment plays out. But Chris will be publishing anonymized data when all is said and done to show what he learned.

More information is sure to follow on 6d6 Fireball next week, I’m sure.

So please do your part and participate in this experiment. I certainly look forward to seeing the results!!

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4 comments to Choose Your Own Price… for the Mince Pies & Murder PDF from 6D6

  • This is definitely an interesting experiment. I suspect it will result in lower prices. But, it could result in more buyers, and if he is looking at this as a list building exercise, then it could have huge value beyond the sticker price.
    Johnn recently posted…Issue 511 – How do you make the boring stuff funMy Profile

    • admin

      @Johnn – I hope that it helps him achieve the sweet spot for his products – there’s a point at which the most people are happy to pay a given price. But the experiment itself will benefit many people in the industry, so I’m certainly looking forward to the data that comes out of it.

  • @admin – Thanks for the coverage and support.

    @Johnn – As you rightly observe, the real benefit of this experiment is not the revenue it generates but the publicity – or more to the point – brand awareness.

    My sales expectations are quiet low, it’s an Indie RPG 1920 whodunit so it has a fairly narrow appeal.

    However getting the idea of the 6d6 RPG in to as many peoples’ heads as possible is the real aim. Hopefully this will improve the sales of our next release (Outbreak! a zombie apocalypse adventure). Which in turn will help the next release after that (6d6 Shootouts) and so on until we reach a sales volume that could actually pay us something something close to a living wage.
    Chris Tregenza recently posted…6d6 Ultra-Lite- Free PDFMy Profile

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